Summer Reading Program




2014 Summer Reading Program

June 14 – July 26


Saturday July 19, 2014 @ noon
To Be Announced
The Program will be a family centered Summer Reading Program, “FIZZ, BOOM, READ!” activity.
Program begins at noon for all ages.

Saturday July 26, 2014
It’s PARTY TIME with puppets!!!
You’ll be bubbling over with enthusiasm as we have fun with Betsey & Friends!
Have a fun filled picnic with food, games, and prizes to celebrate Summer Reading Program.

You are invited to participate in the 2014 summer reading program “Fizz, Boom, Read!” at Springboro Public Library.  Children ages preschool to adults are welcome to participate.  Sign-ups begin June 1st and you may sign up at any time during the program.  Everyone is welcome to attend our special events.  All programs are free of charge.  Pre-registration is recommended for our special events as space is limited.

Children will have their name placed on a reading chart and will earn incentive awards by reading library books.  Children will keep track of their reading by placing stickers on the reading chart.  Every 5 books read earn the reader a ticket for a prize drawing.  Every 10 books read earn the reader a spin on the prize wheel.

Teens and adults will be provided with a bingo style card for the program.  Complete one row, column or diagonal to earn an incentive prize.  Weekly prizes will be awarded; then additional prizes will be awarded at the end of the summer.